I’m a web consultant, WordPress developer and PHP developer based in Leeds, UK

I’ve architected, developed and managed web sites and applications in a range of technologies for 15 years (and counting).

In that time I’ve;

  • held responsibility for a travel E-commerce site that took ¬£50 million revenue per year
  • co-created two start-up software companies which serviced clients such as Viacom, Prudential PLC and Etihad Airways
  • co-created and helped grow a digital marketing agency, First 10 Digital from 4 freelancers to 12 full time staff and clients such as PUMA
  • co-created, built and run a leading marketing portal/membership site in the UK, Smart Insights which reaches over 600,000 unique visitors a month
  • consulted for companies such as TUI PLC on a range of development and technical issues, including responsibility for creating and launching multiple projects including an e-commerce platform for i-to-i – a TUI company.

From 2009 to April 2013 I focused First 10’s development on the world’s most popular content management system WordPress, and along with my team pushed WordPress development as far as it will go (and occasionally beyond!) for sites such as SmartInsights.com, JoeyBarton.com, Tilda.com and many campaign sites for PUMA. I’m equally familiar with planning, wire-framing, developing and managing web sites and applications from idea phase to launch and beyond.

I left day-to-day operations at First 10 in April of 2013 to focus more of my time on Smart Insights and see a bit more of my two children and my long suffering wife. Turns out co-owning a digital agency isn’t great at maintaining a work-life balance.

I’ve got strong experience in pretty much all areas of WordPress plugin development, WordPress theme development, custom post types, taxonomies, etc. etc – so if you’ve got a WordPress development project that you think you might need some help with contact me through the contact form. I’d love the opportunity to discuss how I can help.